Eradication of Poverty and Injustice in the World

Children with different Disabilities


"Dorcas Home" is a home for Children with different Disabilities. We work to improve the quality of life of the children and encourage them to become participatory members of the society.


In many countries, due to poverty, lack of awareness and lack of access to resources, parents abandon their disabled and mentally challenged children. The care and rehabilitation needs of these children are also uniquely varied. We rescue the children abandoned in public places, conduct medical evaluation, care, protection and rehabilitation, provide food, clothing, shelter, physio, occupational and speech therapy. We assess their ability and impart special education. Networking and documentation in order to bring about a profound change in them to the betterment of their standard of living in the society.


DAO work will boost the morale, dignity of children, make them self-reliant and encourage society to accept them into their fold.





Gender Based Violence


Around the world, violence against women and girls is a major public health concern and a violation of human rights. GBV is one of most challenging issues for populations affected by armed conflict and humanitarian emergencies. Sexual violence is well know as a strategy of war, but other forms of GBV include domestic violence, forced and early marriage, sexual exploitation, and female genital cutting.


DAO assists survivors of GBV and works to prevent acts of GBV. What DAO does to prevent and respond to GBV:


  • Community awareness and training
  • Health Care
  • Psycho-social Counseling
  • Capacity Building for local Women's organizations
  • Legal Assistance
  • Family reunification
  • Skills Training, Economic Opportunities and other Rehabilitation Programs.


Our engagement with environmental issues


DAO's engagement with environmental issues derives from its belief that all the people on earth have a responsibility to work for the well being of all humanity. Our Aims is to provide support to protect and restore the environment. It operates primarily through environmental education and awareness raising, building up communities and institutions' appreciation and understanding of environmental management and the impacts of environmental damage on lives and livelihoods.


DAO facilities community-led programs for environmental restoration, conservation and sustainable livelihoods and provides training and support in sustainable agriculture and forest management, agro-forestry, energy conservation, sustainable income generation including eco-tourism, and rehabilitation of degraded natural resources.



Youth and Orphans


Development Center for Youth and Orphans (DCYO) main objective is to provide for the holistic development of the Youth admitted to its care, which includes, inter alia, their physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development.

Our beneficiaries also include Youth and Orphans who need to be reunified with families who need support structures and parenting skills training and youth who need to be self-supporting, self-sufficient and independent when leaving the facility.


Women in Action for Development


Women make up more than half the world's population according to the UN, but the majority of those live in poverty. For their lives to change, they need access to and control of economic resources and political power: to speak out, run for office and support themselves and their families.


The Mission of DAO for "the Women in Action for Development" is to empower women in social issues and legal rights.



Justice, Peace & Reconciliation


In most countries that have seen dramatic human rights abuses, or oven genocide, victims and perpetrators have to find a way to live together again. DAO aim is to promote locally sensitive and sustainable peace, we focus on the active involvement of communities in research and advocacy on local level transitional justice issues as a means of giving a voice to populations which have suffered from conflict.


Peace and reconcilation Programme:


  • Conflict resolution
  • Peace building
  • Interreligious dialogue
  • Restorative practices training





Education for All


"The Education for All" is a global commitment to provide quality basic education for all children, youth and adults. Basic education, which includes life skills for young people and adults, is an essential tool to enhance participation in democracy and contribute to the fight against poverty.

DAO promotes sustainable livelihoods, life skills development, leadership training, education for children, youth and adults in townships and rural areas. We also work in HIV/AIDS prevention. We train, equip, encourage and release children, youth and adults into the community when they have reached their full potential.

Water for All


Unsafe water and the lack of basic sanitation and adequate hygiene contribute to the leading killers of children under five according to Unicef. DAO is a non-profit focused on improving access to clean drinking water in impoverished communities around the world.

DAO working with existing water distribution vendors to add on water purification and storage container cleaning services.


Annual Conference - 2014 (Stockholm, Sweden)


Welcome to a conference on "the Fight Against Poverty" organized by the Swedish Universal Church of Jesus Christ (UCJC) and Dorcas Aid Organization (DAO).

Date: 17-18 May 2014

Location / City: Bromma, Stockholm

Theme: "The Fight Against Poverty"


Link: www.eujc.org



Organizer: Universal Church of Jesus Christ and Dorcas Aid Organization, DAO

Information and registration: Invitation and program will by Email: ukjk@eujc.org or sweden@eujc.org



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